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Live Broadcast over 3G/4G Mobile Links




Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao
Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao

Many products and solutions are commercially available today that are capable of achieving live or near-live transmission of video and audio content via multiple 3G/4G connections from the field to the control center. Many of these products require ideal conditions to operate optimally. In developing countries however, while mobile connectivity is becoming prevalent, sustained throughput of these 3G/4G connections is almost non-existent. These connections achieve high burst speeds intermittently but often suffer from sudden drops in bandwidth. Under such unstable conditions, most mobile video transmission products available today do not perform suitably and cannot be depended upon for mission critical broadcast applications. Constant loss of signal, unsuitable video quality and unacceptable frame stutter are part and parcel of these products.


Welcome to the world of Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao! The Zao utilizes cutting edge Japanese technologies to overcome all the pitfalls that affect every other brand. The result - highest quality video and audio, the lowest latency transmission available today and the utilization of only half the bandwidth of the competition.


Zao offers a paradigm leap in ease of use, robust transmission, audio/video quality, bandwidth optimization and dependability. This makes the Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao radically different from, and superior to any competing product available today.

Soliton Smart-telecaster Zao is the worlds first H.265 Mobile Hardware Encoder that provides twice the quality of competing H.264 encoders at the same bit-rate. Moreover  the encoding is performed by dedicated hardware. Unlike software encoders, Zao's Hardware Encoder provides dependable high-quality results every time.

Smart-telecaster applies a proprietary technology for optimized mobile communication called

RASCOW (Real-time Auto-Speed Control based on Waterway model). This allows unprecedented stability in image transmission, even under network congestion or weak network signals.

Smart-telecaster Zao supports CDMA, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi, Wired LAN and Inmarsat BEGAN with any Six links utilized at one time. Due to its H.265 hardware encoder and RASCOW technology, the Zao is able to provide stable high quality results with just 6 links while other products will have to use 10 or more links to operate properly.

Smart-telecaster Zao enables 2-Way voice communication between the camera operator and base station. The intercom facility utilizes a completely independent channel from the transmitted Video/Audio signal. This becomes even more useful when multiple Zao units are used in a multi-camera operation.

Soliton Smart-Telecaster Zao is Simply Superior

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