More Clutch PlayOut Servers are operational in Sri Lanka

compared to all other brands combined.

The Clutch PlayOut Server is a feature-rich broadcast play-out solution for serving broadcast quality HD/SD H.264 and MPEG-2 video clips as well as images and audio clips for on-air transmission. This robust and dependable play-out server is intuitive and easy to use, and can be installed and deployed quickly for 24/7 operations. The Clutch PlayOut Server can be operated based on a time-accurate schedule or can be manually overridden for instant on-air insertion of news packages, feature programs, commercials, idents and intros, and can be triggered for play-out via an external GPI signal. In addition to providing industry standard broadcast connectivity for video, audio and sync signals, the system is robustly built with superior hardware and software, and provides 100% redundancy for storage and electric power.


The Clutch PlayOut Server’s GUI is extremely intuitive and easy to use. All play-out, triggering and monitoring functions are performed from within this interface. Master clocks, counters, audio level indicators and a real-time monitoring overlay, provide detailed monitoring and control functionality to the operator. Play-out of commercials and packages can be triggered using the provided GPI trigger switch or through the on-screen transport controls. The play sequence can be modified instantly without interrupting playout.


The Play-list Editor facilitates the creation of play-lists, and enables the operator to create news package breaks, commercial inserts and program sequences instantly. Assets are added to the play-list using simple drag-and-drop functions. All changes are instantly updated in the PlayOut GUI when the play-list is saved.


The Segment Editor facilitates the operator in trimming and segmenting clips. The operator can also grab a still frame from the clip, and apply it as a thumbnail in the play-list. All trimming, segmenting and still grabs are stored within the original asset as metadata and can be recalled in the future.


The Clutch PlayOut Server fits directly into a TV station’s existing infrastructure and is routed through the MCR or Newsroom switcher where it can operates either as an autonomous time-scheduled play-out server that can also control the switcher/router or as a DDR that serves clips on-demand for transmission.


Clutch PlayOut Server provides true file based workflow that immediately assists a TV station in reducing it’s investment in multiple VCRs and other legacy equipment.


The Clutch PlayOut Server is the simple yet powerful solution for your broadcast video transmission play-out requirements.

Clutch PlayOut Server is Powered by:

Clutch PlayOut enables non-restrictive editing of the playlist during play back.


Files with different resolutions and bit rates can coexist in the same play list.


Flicker-free, frame accurate smooth continuous back-to-back, seamless play back in broadcast quality.


Setting of in/out points in individual video clips.


Play-out clips of duration ranging from 5 seconds to multiple hours.


Drag and drop interface for play-out and play-list.


Powerful scheduling with frame level time-accuracy.


A GPI Remote Trigger is provided for on-demand event based paly-out.


Define media for automated emergency playout.


Trim any video clip into multiple segments for insertion of commercials or intros.


Clips can be inserted, moved or deleted while the cued clip continues to play-out


Quickly cue or recue next or previous clips.


Clips can be played out of sequence when required using the drag and drop interface.


Head, tail or any selected frame can be displayed as a thumbnail in the playlist.


Multiple clocks are available for current time indication, count down to play-out, etc.


Processing or Embedding of Metadata in MPEG files.


VTR like transport control for manual override of playback.


As-Run traffic logging.


Manual playlist management.


Overlay real-time clocks. Overlay crawling titles. Overlay simple graphics files such as logos or bugs.


Compatible with H.264 and MPEG-2 files produced by NLEs, Transcoders and Render-Farms.


Industrial 19” rack-mount form-factor.


Storage & Power redundancy.

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