Clutch RAPID - Sri Lanka’s most accomplished

video production platform gets a boost of

speed, performance and features.

Clutch RAPID

Work natively in real-time with a mix of video formats, frame sizes, frame rates, aspect ratios, scanning modes and field dominance.


Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks.


Real-time render-free playback of 8 tracks of SD, 4 tracks of HD or 2 tracks of 4K simultaneously.


Real-time playback of multi-layer chroma-key, luminance-key, track-matte and blend modes for  SD, HD and 4K video.


Multi-track, real-time 10-bit primary and secondary colour correction using colour balance, 3-way colour corrector, colour wheel and YUV curves.


SMPTE Time-code support with complete 156 SMPTE broadcast transition set in real-time.


Real-time nested sequences with alpha channel support.


Work with unlimited number of media tracks and sequences within a timeline with multiple sequences open concurrently.


Ingest file-based media using the Source Browser.


Use professional editing features such as insert, overwrite, sync, ripple, slip, slide, roll & replace in real-time for SD, HD and 4K video.


Real-time broadcast grade waveform monitor and vector scope with individual display intensity adjustments.


Use time-remap to dynamically adjust the speed of any video clip and playback multiple time-remapped clips simultaneously in real-time.


Studio grade audio mixing using multi-band equalizers, delay processors, pitch shifters, tone controllers and high/low pass filters in real-time with 24-bit 48KHz audio sampling.


Ingest audio voice-overs directly to timeline with perfect Audio Video synchronization.


Incorporate real-time broadcast-grade titles into your projects and animate them using the Layouter.


Support for studio grade VST audio plugins and a large collection of 3rd party video plugins.


Utilize real-time 2D & 3D DVEs such as explosions, page rolls, page turns and video mapped 3D objects.


Display video head and tail frames or all frames along with audio waveform for every track in the timeline.


Adjust all audio settings as well as video effects in real-time while the clip is being played, with simultaneous real-time full resolution output to professional audio and video monitors.


Use the powerful mask filter with its spline based tools and keyframe features to create complex motion masks for rotoscoping multi-layered composites.


Use the powerful motion stabilizer to correct shaky video.


Utilize the real-time layouter to manipulate footage in 2D as well as in 3D space. Use the layouter for scaling, rotating, cropping, shadow placement, letter-boxing, pillar-boxing and for real-time pan-and-scan.


Clutch RAPID can export sequences with or without embedded alpha channel in faster than real-time.


Utilize the high-speed encode engine to export in faster than real-time to cine, broadcast, optical disc, web and consumer device formats including true H.264 and Mpeg-2/4.


Use the optional built-in loudness meter to analyze audio loudness.


Multi-camera post-production of up to 8 different sources simultaneously in real-time.


Intuitive GUI with Unlimited Media Tracks on the Clutch RAPID

Real-Time 3-Way Color Corrector on the Clutch RAPID

Powerful Real-Time Compositing Tools on the Clutch RAPID

Real-Time Animated 3D Transformations on the Clutch RAPID

Real-Time Vector Scope & Wave Form Monitor

Real-Time Animated Motion Masks on the Clutch RAPID

Real-Time Pro Audio Tools

Real-Time Multi-Camera Post-Production on the Clutch RAPID

Hundreds of Real-Time Effects

Real-Time Animated Text & Graphics on the Clutch RAPID

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